Randall Currier – Featured Mason of the Month May 2021

Randall CurrierRandall Currier is currently in his fourth month as the installed secretary of Sarasota Lodge No. 147. He has picked up the mantle from R⸫ W⸫ Russell Glendinning who served as the Secretary of our Lodge for the past 8 years (This time). Russell or Rusty as we all know him is 33°, Special Assistant & Personal Representative to the Deputy of the Supreme Council, in the Valley of Tampa. He is a Past Master of Sarasota Lodge No. 147, a Past District Deputy Grandmaster of our district, and sits on the Grand Lodge Jurisprudence Committee among his many other stations and accomplishments. Look for an interview with this Legend of Freemasonry in the very near future!

Personally I have gotten to know Randall very well. We often ride to the Scottish Right meetings together and pontificate on Freemasonry as well as just learn more about each other. I find Randy to be a true Mason. He has only good intentions in all his actions and he is always trying to improve himself as a man and Mason. Randy is a huge asset to Sarasota Lodge No. 147 and no doubt Rusty is sleeping well knowing that the Lodge is being taken great care of.

Randall or Randy as we know him in the Lodge was kind enough to answer my questions with candor and so I present to you the Sarasota 147 first-ever Featured Mason of the Month for May of 2021!

Chris Burns: Where were you born?

Randy Currier: Middletown Connecticut

Chris Burns: What do you do for a living? 

Randy Currier: Mechanical work

Chris Burns: Does Freemasonry have an impact on your career?

Randy Currier: I would say that it helps me stand more firmly when I talk to people, and allows me to feel more comfortable speaking.

Chris Burns: Who was your role model as a child and why?

Randy Currier: Luke Skywalker. Because he was an adventurer and he was able to travel space.

Chris Burns: What is one thing you learned from your mother?

Randy Currier: How to take care of myself.

Chris Burns: What do you consider to be your biggest weakness?

Randy Currier: Attractive women who take the time to talk to me.

Chris Burns: Can you give us a breakdown of your extensive masonic history?

Randy Currier: Back in the day, around 2019, I was Raised and since then, I have been working in the line of officers. One day, I will take the time to ask those questions we all ponder, again, and really take the time to search for answers that make sense to me.

Chris Burns: What is your biggest failure in freemasonry, and what did you learn from it?

Randy Currier: Forgetting a cable tow. Ahh, to not let someone else move the cable tows.

Chris Burns: With so many appendant bodies, committees, and district opportunities, what advice would you give a newly made Master Mason that is looking to get more involved in Freemasonry?

Randy Currier: Please get involved in your Blue Lodge, to see if there is anything you can do to help it be more prosperous. Then pick an appendant body that sounds interesting, and that has men you respect in it.

Chris Burns: What people had the biggest impact on your Masonic life and why?

Randy Currier: Besides Rusty, I really have to say that every active Mason has been important. When you take the time to stand back and watch any one man or group that is working at keeping the lodge successful, there is alot to learn, and good things to try yourself.

Chris Burns: What is your greatest success in Freemasonry?

Randy Currier: Giving Rusty a break.

Chris Burns: What motivates you to keep showing up for Freemasonry?

Randy Currier: Giving Rusty a break. And.. for that time when I finally get my small study group to regularly chat about the finer things and ways to be a better man.

Chris Burns: What qualities do you think make up a great Worshipful Master?

Randy Currier: Organization, the ability to convey your thoughts and ideas into words so the Craft can easily follow and assist.

Chris Burns: What do you think are the biggest challenges that Freemasonry faces today?

Randy Currier: The internet and many other things give men other things to do. We are thinking correctly in that we must find a way to be an option when someone thinks, what can I do with myself and my spare time.

Chris Burns: What are you passionate about outside of Freemasonry these days?

Randy Currier: The simple fact that we are alive, and can communicate and create. And beautiful women who take the time to talk to me.

Chris Burns: Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

Randy Currier: Giving Rusty a break.

Chris Burns: Is there something about Sarasota Lodge No. 147 that you think stands out from other lodges?

Randy Currier: I try not to think in this manner. All lodges are unique and have their goods and bad I suppose. 147 has the potential to find the sweet spot of Cool, fine work, and old school, if we keep on trying. 

This concludes the May 2021 Featured Mason of the Month interview with the current Secretary of Sarasota Lodge No. 147, Randall Currier. I thank you Randy for taking the time to do this and if anyone that is a member of Sarasota Lodge No. 147 is willing to participate and wants to tell us your story please contact me at chrisg.burns2@Gmail.com!


  • I couldn’t have chosen a better person to start these “Mason of the Month” profiles. I’ve enjoyed a couple of those rides up to Tampa with you brothers, and I’ve held dear those “on-the-level” talks we’ve had. Randy and I were Stewards together last year and I’ve always found him to be a cool, level-headed brother who holds our truest ideals in his heart. I very much look forward to learning more about our brothers through this series, as well as the time we spend together in lodge.

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